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The small Indian state of Sikkim is nestled in the majestic Eastern Himalayan range, bounded on the north by the great Tibetan Plateau, on the west by Nepal, and on the east by the kingdom of Bhutan. It is a magical land of immense vistas, enchanted valleys, and awe-inspiring, snow-capped mountains – the most revered, Kanchendzonga, is the third highest mountain in the world. Due to its mountainous and rugged terrain, this small state encompasses an astounding diversity of climates and ecosystems, ranging from sultry tropical forest to dry alpine tundra. Sikkim is a sacred and peaceful land, home to Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, and Red Panda, where rare and exotic plants including orchid, magnolia, rhododendron, and cypress flourish in lush groves and stark highland environments. The ecological diversity of Sikkim is mirrored in the great variety of customs and cultures in the human communities, many of which still live according to centuries-old traditional patterns. The earliest inhabitants were the indigenous Lepchas (or Rong-pa, the “People of the Ravines”), whose villages are found in the north-central part of the state. Over the centuries, the Lepcha communities were joined first by the Bhutias from Tibet, later by Nepali immigrants who introduced terraced agriculture, and most recently by the Indian business community from the plains. Today these peoples – among them Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians – coexist in a model of peaceable diversity. Sikkim truly presents a kaleidoscopic wealth of images and experiences to the visitor.


Hotel Sunny Guest House is located just beside the Old Private Jeep Stand in very quiet surrounding but it is just a couple of minute walk to M.G Marg. It has great unobstructed view of the Kanchenjunga Range and of Gangtok. We have one of best view in town.

   Over a month ago